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Finland's Motorious launches to develop new Top Gear games

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Just like tulips in the spring, new gaming companies are popping up here in Finland. The most recent of which is Motorious Entertainment, which announces is building three games for BBC’s Top Gear.

Listed as founders in the company is Jari Pauna, the Editor in Chief of TopGear Finland, and Timo Poijärvi from VP Online and Hitlantis.

Poijärvi says, “Today’s games business is facing major problems with ever raising user acquisition costs and turning downloads to monetization. Our package of superior IP and media channel puts us into a very special position offering TopGear fans series of three fun and addictive mobile games. Personally, I am looking forward to enabling a vibrant on-line community through our products.”

Get it while it’s hot?

What’s left unsaid, of course, is that the longtime hosts of Top gear have left the show after lead host Jeremy Clarkson’s dismissal after punching a producer after not getting a hot steak after a shooting. The last episode of Top Gear featuring the three hosts aired last night, however it seems to the BBC the show will go on, with new hosts.

News reports say that Netflix have been courting the three previous hosts for a new automobile related show.

“The whole team absolutely loves Top Gear and we are excited to be able to develop and publish games based on it. Our games will focus on the entertainment aspect of the world famous TV show with innovative gameplay that is true to the brand.”

The title will be launched 2016 for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. Motorious is quick to point out that they will not be developing driving games.

Grant Dean, Head of Production & Live Operations, Digital Entertainment & Games at BBC Worldwide said, “We are delighted to be working with the team at Motorious on our first titles together. The games are looking great, it’s a different style of gameplay for us and we’re looking forward to unveiling them very soon”.

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