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Friday, April 19, 2024

Sweden’s NEOGAP Therapeutics receives €500K grant to advance personalized cancer immunotherapy analysis

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NEOGAP Therapeutics, a Stockholm-based biotech company, has secured nearly €500K (SEK 5 million) in funding from Eurostars for a collaboration project with the French biotech company Okomera. NEOGAP is developing pTTL, a personalized cell therapy utilizing modified proteins to activate the immune system against cancer cells, currently undergoing phase I/II clinical trials for colorectal cancer. The funding will enhance the development of an analysis method for T-cell activity against the patient’s tumor, in collaboration with Okomera, aiming to predict the efficacy of NEOGAP’s therapy.

NEOGAP is developing pTTL, personalised Tumour Trained Lymphocytes, a tailored cell therapy that utilises modified proteins, known as neoantigens, to activate the immune system specifically against cancer cells. The therapy is currently being assessed in phase I/II clinical trials for the treatment of colorectal cancer.

As part of the Eurostars-funded project, NEOGAP collaborates with the French biotech company Okomera, which has developed an innovative method to analyse cell interactions. The method allows for the analysis of how T-cells kill tumour cells in what is known as a killing assay, requiring only a minimal quantity of the cell product. This analysis is set to deepen the understanding of the interactions between T-cells and tumour cells, potentially enabling predictions about the efficacy of NEOGAP’s cell therapy products. The goal is to develop a system that can easily and reliably measure the capability of NEOGAP’s T-cell product, pTTL, in eradicating cancer cells.

”We are very grateful for Eurostars’ backing, which not only recognises the scientific potential of our company but also reinforces our role as an innovator in analysis methods for next-generation cell therapies. The funding enables further research that is essential for advancing our cell therapy product to later clinical phases,” says Samuel Svensson, CEO of NEOGAP Therapeutics.

”Through our collaboration with NEOGAP, we’re afforded the opportunity to integrate Okomera’s technology into developing analytical methods for their pioneering cancer therapies. We eagerly anticipate the advancements this partnership will bring to the field of precision medicine,” says Sidarth Radjou, CEO of Okomera.

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