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Denmark’s MXNEY expands e-commerce offerings with the acquisition of Leadspin

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Copenhagen-based MXNEY, a business-to-business funding platform for e-commerce startups, recently acquired Leadspin, a company specializing in gamification for lead collection and sales enhancement. Leadspin’s expertise lies in developing a gamification platform that simplifies lead generation through engaging game-like elements in marketing strategies. The acquisition aims to integrate Leadspin’s gamification tools into MXNEY’s platform, enabling e-commerce entrepreneurs to access enhanced customer engagement features seamlessly. This strategic move aligns with MXNEY’s goal of empowering startups to drive sales and collect leads more effectively while maintaining control over their businesses and adapting to the evolving demands of the online market. David Metzon & Thomas Kuperman, the founders of Leadspin, will remain involved in advisory roles.

MXNEY operates as a business-to-business funding platform for e-commerce startups, offering capital without taking equity or charging interest. Instead, they opt for a percentage of daily sales until the funding is repaid, allowing businesses full control over operations. Conversely, Leadspin specializes in gamification within marketing, providing a platform that simplifies lead collection through gamified experiences. Their goal is to make this accessible to all users, irrespective of budget or technical expertise, integrating game-like elements to engage website visitors and convert them into leads, potentially boosting sales. Leadspin’s emphasis lies in user-friendly setup, enabling effective gamification campaigns within minutes, aiming to maximize businesses’ existing web traffic for increased lead generation and sales conversion.

“The acquisition therefore comes as a natural extension of MXNEY’s desire to offer webshop solutions that redeem customers’ growth potential,” explains CEO and founder Mads Andreas Olesen. “In MXNEY’s platform, Leadspin’s products become part of a larger whole. It’s a bit like getting into a new, nice car with a full equipment package. All features are built to work together without further configuration. Today, it can sometimes feel as if the entrepreneur has to build the car from scratch. E-commerce is in the hands of the webshops that manage to engage customers to come again, because then you can think in terms of ‘customer journeys’ rather than one-off sales.”

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Nurcin Metingil
Nurcin Metingil
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