How Much Costs Mobile App?

There’s no clear-cut answer when you pose a question like “How much does it cost to build a mobile app?”  You are simply opening the door to more questions: Are you looking to hire an outside development company? Do you have an in-house team? Are you looking to use a DIY mobile app building platform? And these are just the questions you have to answer to get started.

By Andrew Gazdecki

In-House Development

This is the most expensive of the three different options.  Just like anything done in-house, if you don’t have the team, you have to hire it.  Then you have to keep them on staff and pay them.  So, you may have a group of people at your fingertips at all time, but you also have their salaries on your books for longer than the project.


If you opt to take this route, you can expect to pay hourly wages for your developer ranging anywhere from $75-$800/hour.  Similar to any job, there are varying degrees of ability, and the better the developer the more expensive.

So, you have to ask yourself, “Do I pay a lot upfront and find security in the fact that I have the best?  Or, do I try to stick within my budget and trust the guy with average ability?”

Use a DIY Mobile App Service

The most cost effective and simple solution is to use a DIY app building platform.  With a service like this, you pay a monthly fee, and your app is hosted and kept up to date as the technology evolves.

What you need to remember is that technology changes fast, so you need your app to stay current or it opens the doors for security problems.  When you have a custom developed app—either in-house or outsourced, you have to pay your developer to make those changes.  When you have a DIY mobile app services, you can simply make a few clicks to keep your app current.

The bottom line is if you can use a DIY service, it’s the most cost-effective and practical solution for your small business.