Morten Lund Will Help Anyone With €10,000 Invest In Startups Or Lose Their Money

    Morten Lund, one of Northern Europe’s “less traditional” investors announced on his blog that he’s now allowing nearly anyone to invest in a pool of startups where he’s focusing his time. He’s looking to build a €500 000 fund with a €10 000 minimum investment, which may allow smaller investors to capture part of the crazy that saw Skype, ZYB, and his huge seed portfolio before their time. Lund has been one of the most active seed investors in Europe, and currently is the chairman of Everbread and Tradeshift.

    Lund writes:

    I will not let you know what I invest in upfront – but the money will be put into things where Im VERY ACTIVE (I spend all my awake hours) – and I will mix it into all the new things I’m working on (not Tradeshift – its to expensive for non institutional investors).

    So if you want to invest in a mix of startups in Enterprise Software in the cloud – if you understand what I talk about. AND if you are fully 100% aware that you can loose your money faster then you can say “bank transfer”.

    You have until the 28th to get in contact with him and put up your minimum of €10 000. Investing blind into startups takes a certain type of gambler, but I encourage anyone to do so… just so I can find out what happens.