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Moozement – A Simplified Training Log For Sharing Your Activities

moozement To “minimize the hassle in input & maximize the social benefits”. That’s how Moozement descriped their goal with their service. Moozement is a Finnish startup offering a simplified training log for sharing your activities with friends. I have been a user now for a while and unlike many other services I have tried out, I come back to Moozement week after week. This is clearly much more than I can say about most services I try.

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There are still some user experience bumps in the service and the dashboard is way too busy, but overall it’s a good start. Before I had tried the service I thought they are going head-on against Nokia Sports Tracker, but little did I know and was told what the service is really about when I had a chat with one of the founders, Ivan Kuznetsov (video below).

The service clearly works best for a group of friends who are trying to motivate each other to practice more and who are rather competitive with each other. The benefits are not as clear with a random group of friends and I’ve found out that it’s actually more beneficial to keep your group of friends rather small instead of accepting every invitation by people you know like in Facebook. I hope the guys will take this into consideration when designing the service further as it directly influences the dynamics of the service and it’s usefulness to the user. I would also like to see more simple tools to measure and optimize my own training, and by this I don’t mean it should be as complicated as some professional tools, but just so that I could track whether I’m on a healthy track with my exercising.

There’s still a lot of work to do, but Moozement clearly has potential.

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