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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Monkey Business

Continuing trend of opening private businesses, Tuomas Erikoinen has developed a new game called Monkeyrama.

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Launch date is set for today so ready your phones ladies and gentlemen.

Game doesn’t stand out too much, it’s a casual 3D puzzle with physics where you throw monkeys towards blocks and bananas. Goal is simple, knock enough walls and bananas and voila, next level awaits.

Simplicity is the key, much like Angry Birds, game aims to burn few minutes in between transit or daily commute.

We all love feature lists, so here is one for you:

  • 84 levels in the initial launch and an additional 28 levels in the next update, which will follow a few weeks after the launch
  • 4 Monkey types (basic, bomb, heavy and sticky)
  • 3 episodes (initial) + 1 episode (first update)
  • (Free) revive feature every 30 mins to prevent players getting stuck in harder levels

Now for the sad part. Game is iOS only, sorry Android fans (including me) no luck for us but for Apple users prepare to smash some walls… and bananas… BOTH!

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