Mojang growing strong: posts €234 million revenue

    Despite if you think that Minecraft is old news, or if the Free to Play model is the only game model worth pursuing in in 2014, you would be wrong. Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, tell the Wall Street Journal that their revenue has increased 38% over last year to SEK 2.07 billion (€234 Million). Mojang has 40 employees, most of which are in their Sodermalm, Stockholm office.

    Over 14 Million people in total have bought the €20 PC or Mac version of the game, which has accounted for 38% of last year’s revenue. Meanwhile the their Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 made 30% of the company’s sales. Making up the rest of the profits, roughly a quarter came from their mobile game, which sells for €5.49, while the rest is said to come from Scrolls – Mojang’s dive into other IP, as well as merchandise sales.

    Minecraft Pocket Edition – their mobile game, is notable for sticking up in the top 10 grossing charts, despite being a fairly pricy paid app. In the land of free-to-play, it’s still possible to make good money charging for a good product.

    The company is in a solid position. CEO Carl Manneh tells WSJ’s Sven Grundberg, “Financially speaking, we have no pressure whatsoever to rush into any new projects. Besides, we have no outside owners that require us to reach any particular goals.”

    For more background on Mojang’s position, we encourage you to read the WSJ’s piece, which also charts Mojang next to King, Supercell and Zynga.