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Mobilemonday Peer Awards 2009 logoMobileMonday Peer Awards 2009 mobile innovation contest semifinalists have been chosen.  From the Nordic and Baltic area, the following firms were selected by their MoMo chapters.

One might ask, however, where are the Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian participants?! There were some interesting startups applying in of those chapters as well, but none are on the semifinalist list (at least on Monday evening) – the chapters didn’t select anyone? Either way, it is good to see the newly-launched Estonian MoMo chapter sent their nominee this year (last year the Helsinki chapter chose Estonian Fromdistance).

Nevertheless, as explained before, there will next be a further selection round by an international virtual jury to select the 20 finalists to the February 16th Barcelona MobileMonday event. Anybody from our readers in the jury?

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