Mindfit's App tries to get you thinking in more positive thought patterns

    For a long time apps have been brushing up on the edges of psychology, like your to-do apps and other motivational trackers. But somewhat recently we’re seeing startups, like Hoa’s Tool Shop and now Norway’s Mindfit trying to solve grander problems, such as working as your in-pocket psychologist or therapist to help adjust your emotions and day-to-day life. Two sisters have recently launched an app out of Trondheim, Norway that attempts to act like a mini psychologist in your pocket to help you become more aware of the positive things happening in your life.

    They explain the idea for Mindfit came after co-founder Hilde Amundsen was searching for a tool that could help her through a tough period, by shifting her focus and helping her learn to set limits and get out of her old thought patterns. She didn’t quite find the tool she was looking for, but as she learned methods and techniques that worked for her, she discovered that simple measures can result in big changes – just by helping us become aware of how we react in challenging situations.

    So she self-financed and received a grant from Innovation Norway to develop an app along with her sister, Janne Ekeberg Amundsen, who is an experienced psychologist.

    The resulting app mimics some of the techniques a psychologist would use in the first time meeting a patient, as well as being inspired by cognitive therapy and EMDR. Additionally it takes into account the more general communication and therapy techniques used in psychology.

    So if you’ve got some goals in life you’re struggling to get over, like getting more energy, mastering a challenge, or better stress management, this app might have some of that psychological special sauce needed to help you recognize the good things you have going for achieving your goal, like marking down good experiences, times you’ve been praised, when you’ve achieved something, and when you’ve made someone happy. The result? Maybe you can start breaking into some new positive thought patterns.

    The app runs €3.59 in the App Store.