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Maximizing The Use Of Your Network in 2018

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It is my opinion that success in anything, including happiness, quite often correlates with your ability to create a network, or perhaps I would use the word community instead.

This was demonstrated in rat-park experiments, 80 year-long longitudinal studies, and business leaders often claim that the strength of your network is what determines your success.

Today, many of us have hundreds or thousands of friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Our Linkedin often has 3-rd degree connections to presidents and CEOs of top corporations.

So why, then does our society still have high levels of depression? Why do many people report more alienation than ever before?

My guess – we are not really using our networks well. You might have thousands of friends on Facebook, but do you reach out to them to try and deepen your connection and sense of community beyond the online experience?

Your Linkedin has every single person you have ever met for business, and sometimes everyone who has ever e-mailed you because you keep clicking their tricky “invite all” button and spam your whole contact list. Still, how often do you help your contacts, or try to learn from one another beyond clicking articles and sharing the news?

The Network

The problem is – the “network.” For most of us, it is just that. The trick is – making it into a community and in creating more profound and more meaningful relationships, and that starts from a few simple things:

– Building a community out of your network. Start inviting people to real-world gatherings or meet-ups, dinners and lunches. For no reason. Just to become more connected.

– Figuring out ways on how you can help your community. Offer help to your friends and contacts without waiting for them to ask. Be on the lookout for making an introduction or a suggestion. Give gifts.

– Go deep instead of going wide. My opinion is that it is better to try to build a solid foundation of a core group of people that all help one another than to have 1 000 000 people in your Linkedin, whom you do not know.

Arctic15 Insider

To do all of the above, and given that this is an Arctic15 blog, we decided to help our attendees this year to achieve that feeling of a community and are introducing an Arctic15 Insider program, which can only be purchased on the 16th-17th of October here.

What the program does – is that it allows 100 people who go to our startup-investor matchmaking event to join a Telegram channel, where they can network, invite speakers to our event, ask for help from members/speakers/myself and our team, get into invite-only events and a lot more. Basically – we will build all of our networks together and see how deep we can get.

In addition to that, I also have an AMA Telegram channel, where anyone can ask me any question, and I will do my best to help using everything at my disposal. Will even be happy to do introductions.

In summary, start thinking of your network as a community and figure out a way how to build one or try joining ours by getting your Arctic15 ticket or joining my Telegram channel.

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