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Marko Ahtisaari is Dopplr's new CEO

Dopplr, a part Finnish intention sharing online service that let’s you see who of your friends are also in town you visit, announced that Marko Ahtisaari, formerly the head of Blyk‘s Brand & Design, has been appointed Dopplr’s new CEO. The appointment will be effective 1st January, 2009. Ahtisaari is also a founding investors in Dopplr.

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Dopplr’s current CEO, Lisa Sounio, who is also in a relationship with Mr. Ahtisaari, will step down from the CEO position to act as Dopplr’s Chairman of the board. Sounio has run her other company, a design strategy and PR agency Sonay, alongside Dopplr. Thus, effectively dividing her time between the two. This is probably partly the reason for her stepping down when Dopplr is gathering speed and thus needs a full time commitment. Another reason is very likely the second round of financing that Dopplr just received. To stir the pot, Blyk also just landed a major investment, which surely plays a part in the new arrangement along with the others.

As one of the Dopplr’s investor’s Martin Varsavsky said (video interview here) that the company does not currently have a clear business model. It remains to be seen whether Ahtisaari will drive the company in a new direction that will bring a clear business model with it. The new round of investors might be anxious to see even a theoretical return for their invesment in the current economic climate and be less willing to see one of their portfolio companies just building user base without any hope of a real cash flow.

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