Mancx & Viadeo Partner, Bring Knowledge Market To 40 Million More Professionals

    Arctic15 winner Mancx has partnered with Viadeo to integrate the company’s knowledge transaction platform with the Paris-based professional social network. Coupled with an earlier deal with LinkedIn, Mancx’s “knowledge market” is now directly available to more than 155 million business professionals around the world.

    Mancx allows business professionals to buy and sell information through its Q&A platform. Viadeo users will now be able to take advantage of the service and access a global market of knowledge.

    “In an increasingly global economy, the best person to solve an issue or answer an important question, might not be an employee at your company or even in the same country. Today, in order to stay competitive, businesses need access to professionals all over the world,” said Dan Serfaty, CEO of Viadeo. “With this partnership, companies now have access to the best professionals, and can tap the most relevant expertise—no matter where the person is located.”

    Mancx’s API integration with Viadeo and LinkedIn provides synergies to users of both networks. Once a question is asked, Mancx will automatically search for any relevant knowledge from your contacts in both services, as well as Mancx’s own extended network, and match the question with relevant expertise.

    “We are very excited by this partnership with Viadeo, as we are now the first Q&A service able to provide seamless matching of questions asked by Viadeo members with answers or respondents from the LinkedIn network, and vice versa,” said Mattias Guilotte, CMO and co-founder of Mancx.

    Mancx appears to be on a bit of a roll lately. After receiving a $1.1 million investment in June, the company beat over 100 rivals and won the title of “Hottest Startup in the Nordics/Baltics” at the Arctic15 competition in September. As if that wasn’t enough, last month Mancx received an additional $110,000 grant from Vinnova, a Swedish government agency that distributes research and development grants.