Lean Startup Machine Coming to the Minimum Viable Office in September

    Our Minimum Viable Office co-working space is taking shape and we are ready to host events. One of the first ones to come to MVO will be the Lean Startup Machine workshop that has been run over 125 times in 40 cities worldwide.

    It will take place on September 13th-15th at our co-working space. We all know or have heard of the “lean startup” concept, many of us even use the name in our everyday lives. However Lean Startup Machine workshop is aiming to make sure that you live by it and implement it into your daily startup lives.

    A lot of us use the name without understanding what it really means and how to apply all of their principles. Some have heard the “Business Model Canvas” or “Product-Market Fit” terms, but in reality not many have fully studied the concept and understand it enough to be able to apply it to their startups. 

    This is when Lean Startup Machine steps in, it is not a hackathon but a workshop which aims to leave you with real, tangible results. Perhaps even with a real company that can raise money, as did Branch, who were introduced to key people by LSM members and raised $2 million investors and partnered with Twitter co-founders while at it.

    During the workshop, you are forced to work with your ideas and pivot them while continuously putting all your assumptions to the test. The idea is to promote a problem-centric approach to solve a true, real customer need. That’s right, you will be forced to talk to people and potential clients. This is as real as it gets. You can find out more about the concept here.

    When it comes to ArcticStartup and Minimum Viable Office, we try to follow the lean methodology in what we do, hell we even named our co-working space after it. So we are very happy to host the event and perhaps even serve as a living and breathing example of what it is like to be lean.

    We truly believe that validating ideas before writing a single line of code (or spending money on wall paint, for that matter) is crucial to success and LSM will aim to teach you exactly that. There are just a few tickets left, but you can get them here and for being our loyal readers, you use “mvo4leanhelsinki” discount code for a 15% reduction in price. Looking forward to seeing you at MVO!