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Latvian startup Longenesis raises $1.2 mln seed round

Longenesis announced its late seed round backed by a group of business angels led by Rustam Gilfanov, for a total of $1.2 million.

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The round was also joined by Ilya Suharenko, a private investor and one of the Managing Partners of LongeVC, bringing in 17 years of experience in traditional banking. Longines isco-founded by Insilico Medicine and other top-tier biotech players.

Longenesis is developing tools to speed up the digitization of biomedical research. Its main objective is to increase patients’ engagement and trust with research organizations and study sponsors, as well as enable clinical sites and patient advocacy groups to compliantly expose their patients and data reach for biomedical research. 

Medical data is sensible and confidential, which has created obstacles for researchers needing large and detailed datasets. By introducing digitalization and consent-enabled showcasing of biomedical assets, as well as putting the emphasis on patient-centricity, Longenesis will help to reduce recruitment costs and accelerate biomedical research.
The funds raised will allow Longenesis to expand in its key markets and scale the deployment of its core products. Longenesis services are centered around 3 different products:

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