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Latvian Square Audio launches another product on Kickstarter

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Latvians love building acoustic hardware and software. We know Real Sound Lab, PentaClass and Sonarworks. Now another Riga-based sound innovation was launched on Kickstarter. Square Audio has already released its first product – a premium line SQUARE ONE and is now set to crowdfund the production of a more affordable version – SQUARE ROOT available on Kickstarter here.

Founders of Square Audio have 40+ years combined industry experience. Before joining their forces, co-founders Viesturs Balodis and Roland Yanevich were building custom hi-end home and car audio, selling and marketing reference-grade studio microphones and innovative speaker correction technology.

The first loudspeaker system launched earlier this year by Square Audio is was SQUARE ONE. These are unconventional mid-to-near field studio monitors with innovative approach to enclosure design featuring the very best components that industry provides today. SQUARE ONE acoustic system is unique, with ultra-high performance standard but not everyone can afford them. Therefore SQUARE ROOT speakers were created.

Roland Yanevich, CTO of Square Audio explains: “After learning from SQUARE ONE I set two goals when designing SQUARE ROOT loudspeakers: (1) They had to be affordable for way more customers than SQUARE ONE and (2) they needed to have the best possible quality in the size required for their use as musicians’ everyday companions. I had researched dozens of acoustic designs and worked with tons of components before. This helped me build the perfect solution and achieve outstanding accuracy in performance of SQUARE ROOT”.

The ultimate vision behind SQUARE ROOT is the possibility for every artist to use non-distorting loudspeakers and evaluate performance quality and behavior of any music instrument based on reliable evidence. SQUARE ROOT promises to be the non-coloring speaker system, used by thousands of professional artists every day.

“I believe that this is the possibility to create game changing products which can bring music creation and reproduction to a totally new level,” comments Viesturs Balodis, CEO of Square Audio. “I  also trust that our Kickstarter campaign will unite artists dedicated to resurrecting the meaning of high fidelity audio into people`s everyday lives. We at Square Audio are committed to research and develop only top-notch loudspeaker systems that amaze us and our customers”,

They have launched on May 26 at 19:00 Riga time (9:00 PST). So far the response has been good: the team has raised 9% of their $38,500 goal in less than a day and keeps receiving support. There are only 5 early-bird priced products for $690 left, the rest will be selling at $990. The team now needs 32 more professional artists to show up as backers of the campaign and make SQUARE ROOT a reality.

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Marija Odineca
Marija Odineca
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