Kumoon reboot hits Steam Greenlight

The game that won the Assembly 2005 Gamedev Competition is back.

Ten years ago Kumoon got its start as a “ballistics puzzler” run by Mikko Oksalahti (Hitlantis, Musopia) and a small team of gamedev students. In the game you played as a chicken with an arsenal of weapons to shoot down blocks, bouncing your shots off walls to save ammunition.

The originality of the game helped it win the Assembly 2005 Gamedev Competition and today two of the original students have reboot the game, getting rid of the chicken (for better or worse) and replacing it with a robot with its box-stacking programming gone astray.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a “spray and pray” element to the game. The physics of the game allow the balls you shoot to keep bouncing around the room, which just might help you get some “how in the world did that happen” shots.

Aside from the graphics and storyline, one major update to the game is VR support, which throws you deeper into these puzzles and might help you get a feel for the physics of the environment.

The game is now up on Steam Greenlight, Valve’s indie game platform, and with it they’re hoping to take it back to their roots.

We have been getting very positive feedback in our live demos, and are heading to Assembly Summer this year, hopefully with a view to celebrate a succesful Greenlight to mark the 10 year birthday for Kumoon

As for the new gameplay, check out their video below: