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Kiosked Adds Rewards For Sharing OnePiece Images And Videos

Kiosked is an in-content sales and marketing platform that turns any sort of content into a media platform, and provides tools for creative brands to activate their content. Explaining it terms like that sounds meaningless, so we’ll use the Norwegian lifestyle-clothing brand, Onepiece, as an example. Kiosked announces today it is now enabling OnePiece fans to share images and videos from the clothing brand on their blogs and Facebook timelines, which gives users’ friends the opportunity to find out more and purchase the clothing directly from the videos and images.

In a sense, Kiosked captures the instant gratification of seeing and immediately buying that candy bar in the check-out aisle, but for anywhere and almost anything on the web. Advertisers work hard to be sure their promotional videos go viral, but they have no call to action. Kiosked puts the call to action into the video or image by removing steps between seeing the product, finding out more, and then buying the product.

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Videos, images, and nearly any type of content can be Kiosked. Webshops are obviously a large focus, but the platform isn’t just for driving online sales. The main focus of Kiosked is to be a non-intrusive, but present “activation platform” where you can reach customers, meaning you could also drive people to your sign-up form or newsletter, right within your promotional video, or an image on your website.

The promotion with OnePiece adds even another level of community engagement by rewarding the shared Kiosked images and videos that lead to sales, with discounts at the OnePiece online store. Users can also be randomly selected to win a trip to the Bahamas.

Kiosked has been growing pretty quickly, the company is now up to around 40 employees after 10 last year. Kiosked based in Helsinki but have offices in Helsinki, St. Petersburg, London, and soon New York.

Here’s an example Kiosked image:

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