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Jongla Messaging App Release on Windows Phone Pushes iOS and Android up 25%

Helsinki-based Jongla has now put its messaging app on its fourth platform, releasing it now on Windows phone in addition to their iOS, Android, and HTML5 apps. The app is targeted towards 15-24 year olds, and provides free messaging its users and syncs with your phone’s address book to find contacts, rather than relying on a user name.

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CEO Riku Salminen tells us that launching on Windows Phone has had positive effects within apps across all platforms. “We doubled our daily downloads and registrations and windows was yesterday the most downloaded app. What is really exiting is that the WP users are very active and thank’s to viral they push also Android and iOS downloads and registrations up +25%.”

In addition to the standard messaging features, the app also allows you to personalize your messaging with avatar and cover images.

“Our users on iOS and Android can’t get enough of our unique Stickers that you can’t find anywhere else,” says Salminen. “Jongla is totally different to other messaging apps in the way it encourages users to get creative and just have fun. That’s really important to us.”

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