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Jolla Phone: Hands On Video Demo

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Jolla has been teasing us for a very long time now and having written over four articles about them, we still had no idea what the phone or the OS was really about. Until now. Just minutes ago, we had a live demo by Martin Schuelle, Jolla’s Head of Design and it all finally makes sense.

The OS is using the screen space more effectively than anything else out there with some very cool features that make the phone really stand out. However instead of writing it all out, how about we just show you the video:

The most innovative feature about the phone is a switchable back-side. However it is not just a decorative thing, it can come with a whole set of features. For instance you can have one back which you will have for your kid that will only let him or her play games and not browse internet, discover your secret e-mails or delete important work files.

Basically the company has plans for allowing this to be used creatively and they are leaving it up to the users to figure out the use cases to create truly unique and personal phones.

For those of you who like spec wars, the phone will have a Dual Core processor with a mysterious 4.5″ Estrade screen and an 8 MP AF back camera. Other specs were not yet available, but the phone also has a camera and features a removable back side.

Stay tuned for a more detailed review of the device and a longer interview with Jolla later today.

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