Cleanera is looking for a CTO and a lifelong buddy!

  • Cofounder
  • Oslo


Dirty clothes made easy!

Salary Competitive

Equity To be negotiated

You want to be part of a start-up from the beginning and make a difference!?

CTO will primarily be responsible for app development, further operation, development of services, UX / UI process and app experience.

Also expect that the role will provide an opportunity to contribute in several stages and it is expected that CTO can be a supporter within various departments with approx. a 50% position until launch and something more, or up to 100% after launch.

What is fun in start-up is that everyday life is managed by us to achieve a common vision for Cleanera AS. Below are some points that are expected, but can be replaced with other technical knowledge:

  • Android / iOS
  • UX / UI
  • Swift
  • Database
  • Cloud / Server (have knowledge or knowledge as we will need AWS-like services)
  • XML tools
  • C, JAVA, CSS, API, AMP, Antenna

Above are just a few mentioned knowledge we are looking for, we are looking for someone who is hungry and wants to further develop themselves as we are in continuous growth and will require to take on more responsibilities in the beginning.


If you are self-taught, or have an education, both are positively received.


You should be a little passionate about the start-up life and the process of building the app. You will be in a positive atmosphere of 3 other like people. Join a start-up journey and just take any challenge with your arms folded and a twinkle in your eye! MORE NOTES Just call Angad for more specific role information and Arvid for company information and role requirements.

For more information or questions please contact us.

To apply for this job email your details to