JayCut Brings Video Editing To The Browser

    JayCut, a Swedish startup, offers online video editing and watching technology for businesses to license and for the public to use. The company enables me to do everything I do with for example iMovie, but in the browser. Thus, I don’t need to download any clients, and I can save my videos in the cloud. Not only that, JayCut makes video editing also easier compared to what it is with the usual suspects such as iMovie. That said, there’s room for improvement as for example the transition effects did not work quite as I had hoped for (see video in my next blog post tonight).

    Below is a short video demostration by JayCut staff on how easy the video editing is:

    JayCut offers the following services:

    • Online video editing technology, fully branded and integrated
    • Complete solutions including editing, watching, uploading and community features
    • Advertising campaigns letting visitors edit for example their own TV commercials

    Despite being a very young startup, JayCut has already achieved a lot in many fronts. They are the provider of a complete video solution to IKEA, which was launched in August 2008 (read more about IKEA partnership here in Swedish). They also picked up the SIME Innovation Day Award 2008 from Google, Telenor and Ericsson. Entertainment Site of the Year 2007 (awarded by a Swedish language e-business site Internetworld), Young European Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 in Business Week, Top 5 Swedish Enterpreneur of the Year 2007 in Internetworld, CNET Webware 100 Video Finalist and last but not least, they secured a small angel funding round in 2007.

    The company was founded in 2007 and if already profitable from licensing the editing tool and their video platform. After talkign to JayCut CEO, Jonas Hombert, he said that having so many competitors disappear (Eyespot, bankrupcy; Flektor, removed editing service; Jumpcut, put in deadpool by Yahoo) JayCut is a big fan of the economic crisis. A healthy counter perspective to the very common recession mongering in the industry these days. MotionBox is one of the competitors still actively challenging JayCut’s service.

    JayCut is soon releasing their new editing tool. Jonas Hombert told us that we can wait the release early 2009. I am sure to follow this Swedish startup and edit most of our videos with JayCut from now on.