Estonian March Base Camp — investor hackathon?

Superangel and Garage48 are organising 72-hour virtual product-focused Base Camp hackathon on March 18-21 for up to 30 teams.

“Base Camp hackaton is a no-strings-attached event from entrepreneurial investors to awesome early-stage startups,” the organisers said in a statement.

Over the years, Superangel and Garage48 have boosted over 76 startups and been a springboard for ambitious early-stage companies, such as Port6, Snackable, ZITICITY, Avokaado, Montonio, Edumus, Taut, and VideoCV.

“Superangel wants to help you to get your product to the next level. Period. We do not take any equity or fees for participation,” Veljo Otsason, one of the managing partners of Superangel.

Base Camp alumni teams have been able to collectively raise over 18 million euros after competing at the hackathon.

“The goal of doing Base Camp hackathons is to meet the startup founders but to also allow founders to get to know the Superangel team. It’s crucial that the founders are sure that they like to have us as investors for years to come,” added Otsason.