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Internal Enterprise Communication through Videos? Dream Broker Studio does the job

Ever found yourself taking videos at work and hoped you could send it to your co-workers through an application specifically build for that purpose? I haven’t. But then again that’s just me: I never really was into video or text apps to be honest.

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Numbers speak for themselves though; millions of users worldwide show us that quite a good deal of people are very fond of insta-sharing apps like WhatsApp, Meebo and Vine. This also applies when it comes to videos: Companies like Skype are bigger than ever and according to Google, YouTube currently sees around 100 hours of video content uploaded every minute.

Combine those two (insta-sharing and videos) and you have something along the lines of Dream Broker Studio.

Finnish startup Dream Broker has been closely monitoring the popularity increase of videos and visual footage as a form of communication. As a result, three days ago they officially launched their new video application Dream Broker Studio, an app which aims to electrify internal communication within larger enterprises.

Since producing and viewing visual footage has never been so widely available, companies in these fields are moving in towards more specific target demographics. ClipMe goes for the teenagers, Netflix takes on filmophiles and Blink helps out those looking for love and other fleshly pleasures.

Now if you’re looking for an app with which you can share filmed company secrets, or just delegate stuff visually from the other side of the world (‘cause emailing is boring), Dream Broker Studio will solve that desire. The cloud-based software promises to be easy-to-use and to give users large control over the material they produce, meaning they can record, edit and share it without too much hassle.

“Shooting, sharing and watching online videos with the Dream Broker Studio mobile application is easier and more flexible than before. With the help of the application, video messages also effectively reach those employees who work remotely, regardless of time and location. Our customers can, for example, create video recordings of work situations and send them quickly to where needed. This makes enterprise communications more effective, and important video messages will instantly reach the whole personnel or a more selected group,” says Dream Broker’s Chief Technology Officer Petri Raitio.

The company has a large network of servers (150,000 apparently) to make video sharing more dynamic and secure on a global scale. To make the app more enterprise friendly it uses single sign-on through Microsoft SharePoint integration. This sign-on authenticates the Dream Broker Studio user with a Microsoft Active Directory username, enabling the easy management of thousands of users and reducing users’ password fatigue.

Dream Broker has subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and is planning to further expand to Central and Western European markets. The mobile application is now available for download for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices.

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