iDoc24 Gives You A Dermatologist On Your Smartphone

The medical field has seen a continuous advancement of amazing new technology help treat patients, but the standard model of treating patients is still localized around doctors and medical centers. With a cameraphone in everyone’s hands these days, iDoc24 has seen an opening in the dermatology field to treat patients who can be anywhere in the world. The service only uses authorized EU doctors to examine pictures sent by patients to give a fast diagnosis to better let a user know what their condition could be.

Dermatology is an easier medical field to disrupt with current mobile technology because much of the diagnosis is visual. With iDoc24, you can send a photo anonymously through their Android, iPhone, or web app to receive an answer within 24 hours in your phone. iDoc24 doctors can give you medical information on a possible diagnosis and treatment information, or let you know if you should go see a doctor in person. It’s no true substitute for your personal doctor, but they describe themselves as rather a “high quality information service from experts, which serves as a complement to health searches on the internet and NHS Direct.”

Using iDoc24 costs €10 and is debited on your iTunes or Google Checkout account. I suppose it’s not a bad deal to flexibly get someone from a team of MDs and PHDs to give a first opinion if you think you have have Lyme disease, herpes, or psoriasis.

iDoc24 also just finished a 10 week pilot program in Kenya by two engineering students from Uppsala University. I imagine there’s a huge potential for this type of service in the developing world where dermatologists may not be in every small city, like here in Europe. You can read more about their progress and life in Africa here.

If you want to know more, you can check out this video demonstrating their service:

iDoc24 is based out of Sweden and is a part of Stockholm Innovation & Growth (STING)