How Users Are Actually Using Your App: The Beta Family Has The Answer

    Now, a lot of our readers are either working on their apps or are active app consumers, so are able to judge one rather quickly. However when you are in the process of creating one, it is not quite as easy to make the right decisions in order to optimize the user experience.

    To solve the issue, a lot of startups focus on analytics, numbers and formulas. However very few of them actually try to see the real deal, complete with thought processes, emotions and visuals.

    Not so long ago, I was using in order to test a few projects and it was remarkable to see how real people used the website that I was working on. The insight you can get from even one real person can be remarkable, although you generally still need to test what you have learned on a a larger userbase. It worked great, however, it was not possible for apps.

    Until now, that is. The Beta Family, a swedish crowdsourcing platform for testing apps, just launched a recorder which is able to show exactly how people are using your app. Basically you will see how the user uses the touchscreen, what he or she says and also the facial expressions for extra bonus. Just check out the video below:

    So go ahead, start testing apps either as a developer or a tester and if you come across any funny and interesting videos, do let us know.

    Top Image Courtesy of Shutterstock // Technology Testing