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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Danish startup Heyhack’s quick fix for web vulnerabilities attracted majors in its pre-seed round

Aarhus-based startup Heyhack shared details on its pre-seed round led by PreSeed Ventures, a Danish early-stage VC firm. The platform enables users to scan their web app and APIs to see if it is vulnerable to malevolous attempts. Their action to build a business around this is mused by the need of a cost-effective platform for modern software companies since existing solutions are either not fulfilling the needs or quite expensive -especially for new born businesses.

Seeing the gap here brings the company €1.5M support from many great names and firms alongside its lead investor. These include Bjarke Klinge Staun (ex-Creandum), Christian Jantzen (Futuristic.vc), Jonathan Sanders (Juni.co), Marcus Krylborn (Google/Sequoia), and Adam Jafer (Voi/Sequoia) along with NVIDIA Inception, AWS Activate, and the Innovation Fund Denmark. Danish startup is now expanding its commercial team.

Heyhack is announcing its €1.5M Pre-Seed Round

In January 2022, Anders Skovsgaard and Sebastian Brandes got together to discuss the issues related to penetration testing. They had both seen how expensive hiring skilled pentest consultants is and how the automated vulnerability scanners that exist in the market today don’t quite fulfill the needs of modern software companies.

Anders has worked as a pentest consultant himself for many years and knows the many pain points that a lot of software companies are dealing with. These pain points include too infrequent testing because consultants charge too high a rate, lack of transparency with respect to the coverage of the web application under test, lack of support for modern single-page application frameworks, too many false positives, no way to share test results with third parties, and the list goes on.

The two got to talk about building a better solution that would address the issues that they and other companies they know of had experienced. Before they knew it, they were already working on a prototype and, today, they can announce the launch of the first version of the product named Heyhack.

They’re on a mission to improve the security of web applications and the first product they’re launching is an automated penetration testing services that provides automated penetration tests on par with expert human pentesters, helps developers and security specialists patch found vulnerabilities, and enables compliance with SOC 2 and ISO 27001 and accelerates security assessments conducted by B2B customers when assessing their vendors.

In addition to the launch of Heyhack, they also announce their €1.5 million pre-seed round led by PreSeed Ventures. The round is also supported by a range of terrific product experts and VC veterans: Bjarke Klinge Staun (ex-Creandum), Christian Jantzen (Futuristic.vc), Jonathan Sanders (Juni.co), Marcus Krylborn (Google/Sequoia), and Adam Jafer (Voi/Sequoia). Moreover, they have received support from NVIDIA Inception, AWS Activate, and the Innovation Fund Denmark to help fund their development efforts. Heyhack is now hiring designers, engineers, and marketeers.

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