Danes Plea For Harry Potter GO

Maguss Wand from Denmark wants to launch an augmented reality-based Harry Potter game. Seriously, wouldn’t Harry Potter be the ideal figure for augmented reality app? The team behind Maguss Wand believes it could well be the next Pokemon GO, but they need your help to make that happen.

“We would love to make our game Harry Potter themed, but we do not have rights to do so,” the team explains.

“Hence we have been creating a world of our own but we believe that if our project goes viral and gets the attention of important stakeholders like JK Rowling, Warner Brothers or Pottermore, we might be able to acquire necessary rights to make it Harry Potter themed and make the Harry Potter fans dream come true,” the team says.


Learning magic like Harry Potter

The game concept is very similar to viral Pokemon GO, but instead of chasing Pokemon you would learn magic. It allows you to walk and explore the earth while experiencing and living in the fantasy at the same time. You will become a wizard in the real world and do all kind wizard stuff like learning magic, collecting herbs and other ingredients, casting and defending the spells, and more.

For that, you will use a real-life wand that works via Bluetooth, which you can use for casting spells. For each spell, you would need to waive your magic wand in a unique way, just like a Harry Potter would do. The game is played on a real-life map filled with magic portals, mages, monsters, witches and more.

If this is something you’d play, support Maguss Want by signing the petition HERE.

Editor’s note: We apologise to all Danes, nothing Danish should ever be called Swedish.