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Green Elk receives Angel Investment from WolfSSL CEO

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It’s summer and as the weather (hypothetically) warms up, we’re all starting to get the call of the wild. But even though you could drag your friends out kayaking or teach them the ropes of bouldering, sometimes it’s fun to meet likeminded people that are really in to the outdoor activities you’re a pro at.

That’s the grand idea behind Green Elk, a Finnish web and mobile platform that connects you to people to discover the outdoors with.

Logging on, you’re asked to select your interests, and then you’re shown a number of people with similar interests to connect with and see their trip photos.

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Connecting with people

It’s sort of a niche Facebook or “dating” style platform for outdoorsy folks. Your facebook friends might not truly understand your kayaking photos, but these people will.

Green Elk CEO Kaj Arnö says that survey after survey shows that people would spend more time outdoors if they had the right people to go with.

That’s the problem we want to solve: To find local people to go outdoors with, where you live or where you’re going

The company also announces an Angel investment from Larry Stefonic, CEO of WolfSSL and former EVP Sales at MySQL.

In leading the investment in Green Elk, Larry Stefonic says, “I recognized in Green Elk a passionate team that was committed on bringing their vision to life. Knowing and having worked with Kaj at MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems, I know that Kaj will bring Green Elk to all parts of the world.”

Green Elk CEO Kaj Arnö interviews Stefonic about the investment in the video below.

Green Elk can be found on the web and on iOS.

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