Green construction startup Modulize wins OIW 100 Pitches 2021

Green construction startup Modulize, takes home the title of winner of Oslo Innovation Week 100 Pitches 2021 along with a 200 000 NOK prize. OIW 100 Pitches, powered by DNB, connects investors, VC’s, corporates and partners with startups working towards the UN 17 sustainable development goals. This year’s edition saw 226 startups from 44 countries competing.

Modulize aims to make the construction industry greener, faster and better, through software that enables an industrialized approach and prefabrication of elements.

“They have a huge potential in two dimensions: large market in financial terms, where there is a need and potential for improvement with digital solutions and large impact potential due to the carbon footprint of the target industry”, explained Arne Tonning, the head of the jury.

Håkon Kalbakk, co-founder of Modulize says “The construction industry is also called the 40 percent industry, in that it is the world’s largest industry and accounts for 40 per cent of the world’s emissions and 40 per cent of all waste production. It is an industry that has not had productivity growth for decades. Here, there is obviously potential to contribute with sustainable and profitable innovation”  to which he adds: “We will reduce the climate footprint and the amount of rubbish by using technology that facilitates an increased degree of prefabrication where parts of buildings are produced in factories and assembled on site. This results in less waste, lower carbon footprint, fewer errors, shorter construction time and lower construction costs.”