Graduateland's International Office Building 'The Career Market Of Tomorrow'

    Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post by Graduateland part of their prize for winning the public vote in the 2011 Arctic15 conference.

    As Graduateland spreads to universities, students, graduates, and employers all across Europe, their office has picked up a wide variety of nationalities along the way. Graduateland’s Copenhagen offices so far include 15 employees, who are Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Lithuanian, and Czech. The team is also currently having job interviews with two programmers from Greece and Poland, respectively, who would relocate to Copenhagen if qualified. This all fits into their beliefs of open and creative collaboration in order to innovate and set the standard for the “career market of tomorrow.”

    To join their office, I hear the team is on the lookout for additional Swedish sales and business development people, as well as a Norwegian and Swedish business development intern, which you can find more about at their career page.

    I spoke with COO and co-founder Patrick Lund the other week, and he told me that things are really picking up at their offices. “We’ve been working on this for a long time, like two years, and then we implemented and now it’s been really insane here, at least for the moment.

    “For the first time the phone is ringing off the hook. Most of it is from people that are uploading jobs or are buying increased exposure, and it’s really fun. Experiencing customers coming to you, rather you coming to them or chasing them is very satisfying. It means we’re busy, but we’re very happy about it of course.”

    This article is part of a series of sponsored posts for Graduateland as a prize for winning the popular vote at the Arctic15