Graduateland Recruiter Helps You Target And Acquire Talent

    Continuing with our prizewinning coverage of Graduateland (well, they won the prize, not us), we’re taking a look at their solution that allows employers to find only the most relavent candidates. In a nutshell, Graduateland Recruiter is a free SaaS recruitment solution where employers can recruit talented students and graduates from 190+ countries across 3000 different universities. Setting up Recruiter is free of charge, and allows you to target and and attract candidates to your open positions. With Graduateland Recruiter you have a customizable employer profile that features you open job positions, access to several campaign features, and traffic analytics.

    You can set up your company profile just by signing up for free for Graduateland Recruiter. Here you can add basic company information and provide detailed knowledge about working life for prospective applicants. Graduateland automatically crawls many company career pages, so your company may already have a default profile set up. To gain access to it, just sign up for Graduateland Recruiter.

    There are two ways of getting your open positions online on Graduateland. First, the technical department can set up a ‘crawler’ that automatically synchronises with the jobs on your career website every night. This means that your jobs on Graduateland are always up to date with the jobs on your employer website. If you want Graduateland to set up your crawler, don’t hesitate to contact them. The other way to get a job onto Graduateland is to upload it manually. You simply provide the job with a title, the content, and define the job type, job position and the geographic location.

    If you would rather be more proactive with your search for prospective candidates, there are 3 different types of campaigns hiring managers can take advantage of: job exposure campaigns, e-mail campaigns, and sourcing campaigns. Running a job exposure campaign puts y0ur position in the four slots located above the ordinary search results. Graduateland’s statistics reveal that this increases traffic and applications by approximately 500%. Jobs with increased exposure only feature when they match what the job seeker is already searching for, thus avoiding irrelevant exposure.

    Employers can also send targeted emails with any career related content, such as job offers, career events, or case competitions. These e-mails can be sent out to any segment of the Graduateland user base according to education, demographics, and geography, as well as any keywords matched with the users’ uploaded pdf-CV’s. Users are assigned a relevance percentage, and the employer can choose to send the e-mail to any number of users.

    Similar to the user segmentation in the e-mail campaigns, employers can also browse the Graduateland user base as part of a Sourced Campaign. By doing so, you gain full access the user profile, including the CV and past recommendations from former employers. The user’s contact information is provided, and the employer can choose to contact the candidate in any way they like

    As the saying goes, “What you cannot measure you cannot manage!” In order to evaluate your activity and the effects of your campaigns it is essential that you are able able to measure all traffic on you employer profile and on you jobs, in this way keeping track of your promotion ROI. You will be able to benchmark against peers in your industry, sector and country, and justify that marketing resources were allocated sensibly. All data can be exported as excel or PDF.

    The above features matched with Graduateland’s large userbase of young talent gives any employer access to only the most relavent candidates. You can sign up and create your company profile here.

    This article is part of a series of sponsored posts for Graduateland as a prize for winning the popular vote at the Arctic15