Goosmed Targets Medical Communication With Mobile And Web Solution

The focus of Helsinki-based Goosmed is to improve communication in the medical field by building a closed community for health care professionals.

Initially, the company was named Goosevent; founded in 2008 to develop the most suitable tools to share and gather documents for persons’ and community events. The founders have been working in the communication field ever since, now focusing on the growing medical market.

The exact communication Goosmed facilitates of course depends on each individual need. In one of their piloting cases, Goosmed is helping doctors communicate with their advisory board when new medication enters the market. The process is currently hectic and disorganized, but by providing a single place to communicate, Goosmed can ease the process through a mobile and web solution.

Currently they’re working on a pilot with two medical companies in Finland, with the initial goal of eventually getting all Finnish medical doctors onboard. Their Mobile Medical Portal targets communication between health care professionals, academic researchers, affiliates, and regulators.

Their Mobile Medical Portal also facilitates scheduling, content sharing and publishing, as well as feedback. A complementary desktop portal allows for greater management, follow-ups, and feedback between professionals.

The company is also considering bringing in patients, relatives and personnel into their communication process further down the road with a Personal Mobile Health Card that keeps a patient’s medical history, medication, and insurance information all in the same place, which can be useful in emergency situations.

It’s a huge market they’re after, and Goosmed CEO Jaakko Isohanni is confident they can provide a secure solution that is better and cheaper than what the Finnish medical system currently uses.

For finding funding, Mr. Isohanni stresses the importance of building relationships with people connected to your industry. One of the founder’s family members is leading medical professor who has helped them get connected to key people and medical substance, which has been a helpful factor.

So far, Goosmed has received one round of funding from an Angel investor with connections to the medical industry. Due to his unique knowledege and experience, the Angel automatically understood that this model is something with huge potential.

As far as having their product in place, Mr. Isohanni says “The most important thing was that we had our segment and focus. Four years ago, we tried to get all the market segments and all the customers, and that is what finally brought us to our solution”.

The company has also had a long line of dialogue with Tekes. They began to talk with Tekes four years ago, but this investment in Goosmed was their first Tekes funding. Luckily, all the owners in Goosmed have some background in creating businesses, so it was easy for them to get information about Tekes.

Mr. Isohanni summarizes: “I was pleased to work with Tekes. Bureaucracy was bearable and process run smoothly”.