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Games in Classrooms: What Makes Finnish Education Effective and Fun

Much has been said about Finnish education system. For many years it has been recognised as one of the best education systems in the world. Besides being the best performing students, Finns are also one of the happiest students among all. With only 2.8 hours a week spent on homework, that is not a surprise. But is there anything else that makes Finnish kids go to school with joy?

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Together with Lightneer, who recently closed $5M in funding, we went to Vantaa International School to figure out how science-based games influence learning processes in 5th grade kids. Released this spring, Big Bang Legends was downloaded over 3 million times. The game focuses on teaching players key concepts from physics and chemistry, the story starting from the beginning of matter: the Big Bang. While Lightneer was busy demoing the Big Bang Legends to the class, we went on and asked what kids really thought about the game. Their response was priceless.

The Big Bang Legends is available on IOs and Android.

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