Funded By Me Is Your Friendly Local Crowdfunding Platform

    While every crowdfunding website will tell you that there’s a long history of strangers pooling money together to fund ideas, the movement of funding online has beaten predictions that it would be inherently unsuccessful or overrun over by scammers. While Kickstarter has become the world’s dominant leader in creative project funding, Funded By Me is holding its ground in the Scandinavian market by allowing users to take advantage of the pre-order and gift style of crowdfunding, and also by keeping projects close to home.

    That’s not to imply that Funded By Me is limited to any geographic area; international users are encouraged raise and fund through the service. But the Funded By Me has moved to the center of the Swedish and Norwegian speaking crowdfunding market by being the largest hub where musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs can post their projects in Swedish and Norwegian, giving other products the benefit of an interested local network.

    According to the counter on their website, they’ve helped raise 834288.94 SEK (93500€) in pledges from 2658 people for 198 projects. The types of projects featured this week include financing for an album release, a book to be published, and a documentary — standard topics seen on crowdfunding services, but definitely interesting projects from the Nordic region.

    To get a project featured on Funded By Me, one must first submit it to the Funded By Me team to ensure a level of quality. If it’s accepted, anyone in the world can back it by credit card or PayPal, in the premise that they will receive something in return if the project hits its minimum target.

    Funded By Me is based in Stockholm and was founded by Daniel Daboczy, Arno Smit, and Eric Weber.