Friday Wrap-Up: Startup Launches, Hacker News, Galaxy S4, Bitcoins And More

    This week was full of exciting news and brand new startups from the region. Perhaps its because summer is almost here and everybody is trying to launch something great before the good weather hits (the whole one week of it). First, StartHQ launched a business web app directory that uses creative metrics to rank and suggest apps. This caused quite a lively discussion on Hacker News.

    This was good to see, but just two days later a bookmarking start-up Dragdis rocked the popularity charts of ArcticStartup, trying to kill our servers with traffic (To no avail). Once again, ArcticStartup was on the top of Hacker News for the whole day. What we did not expect, however is to be there once again the day after with the Tictail news. The ArcticStartup region is definitely gaining popularity and international traction.

    In other news, the Galaxy S4 was released and in my very biased opinion it is the best smartphone out there. Of course LG tried to counter that with clever advertisement (See image), which is probably not going to make a dent in the Galaxy S4 sales numbers. Good try though. On a slightly less optimistic note, Google Reader is going to be shut down.

    Back at home in Helsinki, SC5 an HTML5 developer in Helsinki is now offering to pay part of their salaries in Bitcoins. This is definitely an interesting development and although SC5 says that they will take care of all the taxes, I can definitely see a way to “minimise” taxes through similar methods.

    Finally The Pirate Bay’s appeal to the European Court of Human Rights was declined. But the company states that their options are not yet exhausted, although I am not sure who they can appeal to now. God?

    Now that the news is out of the way, we would like to remind you that next week you will have the option to find out everything there is to know about establishing a company in the UK. To do so, just attend the London Calling event on Thursday.

    Also, do check out the event that Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US) is bringing to Estonia. One of the keynote speakers is the president of Estonia, which is very impressive for a startup event. It will takes place in Tallinn on the 25-27 of March 2013.

    Other Events:

    March 19: PitchMeUp!

    March 20: Himos Slope Boost Finland 2013

    March 21: U.S. Entry for Finnish Growth Companies

    March 22: Garage48 Tallinn Music 2013

    Kiosked could use a Junior iOS Developer and Senior iOS Developer – Espoo

    a laTest needs a Senior Front-End Developer – Stockholm

    Eniram Oy could use a Research Developer and a Support & Operations Engineer – Helsinki

    Really Helsinki Oy is looking for a  Senior Software Designer – Helsinki

    Tuxera wants a Android / Mobile Developer – Helsinki

    Samsung/LG Image through Korean Newswire
    Header Image Courtesy of Shutterstock Vasily Smirnov /