Forget Updating Your CV: There's an app for that

    Swedish Uptrail enables companies to find the best talent online.

    The company’s vision is to simplify the recruitment process by completely removing the CVs and allowing posting job applications via mobile phones. People in Uptrail believe that the best talents don’t have time and energy to spend on a complicated application process like filling in the online forms, the CV and rewriting the cover letters.

    “We believe CV in its traditional form is a relic from the offline world. In a digital world transferring of data about a candidate can be so much more effective than putting it in text in a document or pdf which is very hard to quantify and automatically analyze,” said Gustaf Winnberg, Uptrail CEO.

    “We also believe that a person’s past experience and current competence is less relevant today than it has been before. In a world that constantly changes in a fast pace a persons interests, motivation and ability to quickly adapt and learn new stuff is equally, if not more, important,” Winnberg said.

    It is difficult for the company to get a sense of a candidate’s personality, and whether that person would be a right cultural fit for the role from conventional CV. Seriously, can you get much information about the person from a boring two-sided piece of paper he or she submitted? Even large organizations like Ernst & Young, realize the trends and recently stopped assessing candidates based on CVs.

    So if CV doesn’t work, what does? Uptrail offers a simple app, where candidates may answer questions relevant to the job posting within a few minutes. The application process increases conversion thus generating more applications for recruiters. At the same time they have designed their dashboard in a way that recruiter will spend much less time to assess the applications and extract the right candidate.

    “We have a high percentage of repeat business which shows that our customers are satisfied with the candidates they get and end up hiring over and over again through Uptrail.”

    Started in 2014 Uptrail now is the fastest growing recruitment platforms in Sweden. The service has mainly been tested on companies with a digital and technological edge hiring people within the following categories; marketing, sales, economics, IT and HR.