Finnish Space Startups You Should Know

In recent years, the Finnish space startup ecosystem has emerged as a new approach to the country’s economic development. With its champions, such as microsatellite manufacturer Iceye Finland is set to grow the next generation of space startups. What started out as a university project grew into a global business with customers such as ESA, ExxonMobile, and KSAT and estimated at $65.1M in funding. Iceye has put Finland on a global spacetech map thus inspiring young entrepreneurs in Finland to make their own journey to stars. 

Thanks to ESA BIC Finland and New Space Economy program Finland has various gateways and access points to make that journey more efficient. Finnish startups develop a wide range of solutions powered by space, from satellite data applications and components to space education packages for high school students. Let’s take a closer look inside the Finnish space startup scene.  

Aurora Propulsion – ESA BIC Finland resident, developing both hardware and software for microsatellites. Aurora’s mission is to ensure clean and debris free space by extending the useful lifespan of satellites. The company provides a range of satellite components, including orbital thrusters, plasma breaks and more. Plus, it offers an orbit control simulation software, enabling prototype testing and mission planning. 

Awake AI – Helsinki-based company developing a platform for autonomous ships & maritime logistics. The company’s mission is to facilitate ecosystem creation for smart ports, increase operational efficiency and reduce global shipping emissions. The company is currently in search of developers and engineers, check out their Career page for more information. 

Collective Crunch – AI-company developing solutions for the forest industry using space data. The company collects climate, geo, and technical data to provide the industry with forest inventories predictions. Their core product, Linda Forest AI, enables forest management companies, forest funds, and wood product companies to make better buying and selling decisions, use wood-based raw material more efficiently, and reduce their costs.

Delta Cygni Labs – Tampere-based company developing an AR-based remote video collaboration platform for various industries, including energy, machine building, and maritime. Their core product, Pointr, enables remote expertise for missions on the sea, which in the future can also be used in missions to the Moon and Mars. The company is currently looking for industry investors that can open the doors to European B2B market.

KitSat – Espoo-based company making its way in the field of space education. KitSat offers a fully functional satellite to schools, science centers and anyone who wants to learn how to build a CubeSat from scratch. The company span out from Aalto University Student Satellite Team and within the last 6 months managed to collaborations with schools and universities in Finland and China. The starting price for the kit is 1,895 e, plus the company offers classroom training sessions.

Solar Foods – space biotech company producing sustainable and pure single-cell protein from bacteria, CO2, water, and renewable electricity. Solar Food Solar Foods’ concept redefines the basics of food production, as it is not dependent on agriculture, the weather, or the climate. The company claims that its production method could be more efficient and sustainable than traditional agriculture, and a practical food source for space missions. The first commercial product is expected in 2021. 

Zero Gravity – Espoo-based startup developing software and AI applications based on Earth observation data. The company has its mission to help cities to reach long term sustainable development goals, become more eco-friendly and provide city decision-makers with actionable insights. Their core product, UrbanAI, uses satellite imagery to model the city environment thus enhancing autonomous navigation in urban mobility applications.