Metacore, in whose Merge Mansion game 800,000 players renovate grandma’s mansion each day, said it has got a 150 million euros credit line from Supercell to further accelerate the growth of the game.

The competition on App Store and Play Store charts is fierce and capital-intensive. Making it to the top requires both massive marketing spend and exceptional creativity. Thanks to the funding, we’re not held back by our budget: topping charts is up to us now.

CEO and cofounder Mika Tammenkoski said in a blog post.

“Once we have reached the top, we aim to stay there. The best mobile games have a lifetime of 10+ years and Merge Mansion has the potential to become one,” Tammenkoski said.

Metacore is a team of over 30 game industry professionals and is now looking to hire a few more.

“Admittedly, our start has been promising, but only the next months and years will tell if we can continue to match our high expectations,” Tammenkoski said.

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