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Finland Brings Wearable Pet Tracker

In 2017 one can hardly be impressed with a new wearable tracker. You might be surprised but there are wearables even for pets, tracking the location and collecting health data of the animal. There is one in Finland as well.

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ActiveMEDI, a Finnish start up behind the self-care and family care solution MedID, is now extending its services to pets. The new product is called PetID and it is already available in over 40 shops across Finland.

PetID is an NFC-powered tag attached to your pet’s collar. Once scanned with a smartphone, it shows information about the pet, such as owner’s contact number in case the pet is lost. The system also automatically sends notification together with the location information to the owner. However, the PetID is not only to help lost pets to get back to their owners. The owner can keep the furry family members essential data safe in the PetID for instance for a veterinary visit. It also allows keeping a diary of the pet’s growth during the puppy phase.

If you are concerned about the safety of the device, PetID is using the same encryption techniques as banks. No one will be able to access your pets’ information without your permission. You can also choose what information will be visible when the tag scanned and what information is password protected.

After a successful product launch, the team is seeking to enter new markets and sales channels. As the PetID has multiple benefits for the pet owners any company from a pet shop chain to veterinaries and pet insurance might be a potential key partner.

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