Finnish Creoir Launches Design Orientated Concept Smartwatch In Barcelona’s MWC

One of the reasons major smartwatch manufacturers are still in the process of learning to fly is their uncertainty in finding a balance between functionality, looks and futuristic innovation. While it’s cool to have a watch that can do all kinds of things like take pictures, play music and read emails, smart watches tend to be bulky in appearance which undermines the practical benefits they offer.

Oulu based Creoir provides hardware and software design and engineering services across all phases of product development. Their latest creation, the Ibis dual face smartwatch, takes a long step towards a more design orientated tech watch in order to gain consumer attraction. Crafted from crystal and stainless steel, the watch undeniably emits an aura of elegance that can make any feminine hand into a real eye-catcher.

In practice, the watch approaches time tracking more conventionally as instead of digital numbers, the watch works with real clockwork. Underneath the clock is a touchscreen equipped display from which a simple tap and swipe interface lets you browse through your messages, music and other basic information.

Talking about eye-catching, there’s another catch included in the watch; It’s not real. The watch is just a concept, a suggestion and example of what could be a reality if you will. A true feat to show the expertise Creoir can provide for other companies.

“We believe the demand for smart watches will be driven by fashion and sport brands, and the Ibis exemplifies the type of product that we create for fashion brands, said Creoir Ltd CEO Pekka Väyrynen. He continues, “Every brand has its own design language, so with each client we start from scratch to develop a product that specifically matches the brand and their audience. With our expertise, we can provide consumer brand owners with everything they need to have a real advantage when entering the smart device space.”

The story behind the design is pretty cool in all its cheesiness. It’s inspired by a flying bird whose wing tips touch together while carrying a young chick on its back, symbolising the precious and personal current of information on the smart watch.

If you’re wondering about the material, software and hardware the smartwatch would be made of, there’s a list for that as well:

• Stainless steel and crystal materials

• Low power optimised Android platform with custom UI

• Interoperable with iOS and Android

• OLED display with integrated touch

• Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB connectivity

• Accelerometer, e-compass and ambient light sensor

• Remote control and notifications with your smart phone

The Ibis design can be viewed at the Team Finland stand at the Mobile World Congress, located at 5F31 in Hall 5.

If you’re unable to venture yourself into the MWC, you can also see the watch in action in the video below: