Finland’s Relax Ally Has Come up With the Sleeping Solution for Travelers

The one truism all travelers can relate to is the need for as a chemically induced coma that would last the exact time of flight. The conscious mind, on the other hand, knows very well that the only way to escape the boredom is good old-school sleep. Sleeping in any transportation has been a common challenge ever since long distance travel was created. There are, of course, ways to improve a travelers sleep catching performance, one being the inflatable travel pillow.

Personally, I have run into such a device, and they don’t work. Not once have I slept with such a thing without waking up to an ache in the back of my neck. The salvation has arrived though, and with great national pride, I write to tell you that the clever Finns are not only talented in creating games for touch screens.

With the help of the sleepy scientists at Aalto University, The Finnish startup, Relax Ally, has come up with a solution that will turn those hours of half-sleep-half-awake into a nice constant state of slumber.

No seriously, the Relax Ally Travel Restband 3-in-1 is an ingenious, soon-to-be-licensed idea. It looks like something out of a SkyMall magazine, but you have to admit, currently there is no good way to sleep on a plane.

The band can be tightened around your seat and it will keep your head up and steady. Bumpy rides won’t necessarily wake you up with a nasty gravitational knockout anymore. Additionally you will be equipped with a sleeping mask and a set of earplugs. So, basically, it has everything you need to catch some z’s. €39 is a decent price for such a biologically astounding cheat code.

Relax Ally managed to close it’s seed funding via US crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo where customers from 17 different countries funded the company through pre-orders.

Homeland retailers have yet to include the Relax Ally Travel Restband into their repertoire, so for now you can only purchase one from their website. Won’t stop me from getting one, that’s for sure.