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Finland To Launch 5G Test Network

Finland will launch next week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a 5G test network for developers around the world.

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The test network is stated to be the most advanced in the world, but there are also other early 5G projects working elsewhere. While 3G and 4G networks offered mostly just faster connections, 5G networks are seen as the crucial enablers for proliferation of Internet of Things.

“Anyone really interested in 5G networks should keep an eye on what is going on in Finland. We are investigating here all possible questions related to 5G network and all key players are taking part in development work of the test environment,” Lauri Oksanen, research director at Nokia said in a statement.

ArcticStartup will be at the site, visiting Mobile World Congress and especially 4YFN startup event which is happening at the same time in Barcelona.

If you do want to meet up or pitch your startup/story drop us an email to editor@arcticstartup.com or fill in our tip form.

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