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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Norwegian startup teams up with Canon to revolutionize document digitization with AI-powered searchability

Oslo-based startup Findable has joined forces with the global document management leader Canon, marking a strategic collaboration set to revolutionize how commercial properties handle their documentation through the power of artificial intelligence (AI). This dynamic partnership brings together Canon’s well-established expertise in document management and Findable’s innovative AI and data management capabilities, promising substantial advantages for both companies and their discerning clientele. The new solution born from the partnership represents a quantum leap in the world of document management. Harnessing the full might of artificial intelligence (AI), this innovative system promises to simplify and elevate the way commercial properties handle their documentation.

Findable is an emerging Norwegian startup that focuses on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline and optimize data management, particularly in the context of commercial property documentation. Their AI-driven system automates document sorting, organization, and digitization, offering an efficient and intelligent approach to handling complex and voluminous paperwork in the real estate industry.

Canon, a prominent multinational corporation, is renowned for its comprehensive range of document management solutions and imaging technologies, serving businesses worldwide with high-quality imaging products, office equipment, and document services.

“We worked for a building owner who had many binders filled with papers, and had no good solution for the physical documents, Stig Bergsjø tells Findable. We therefore contacted Canon to understand their solutions for scanning and digitizing physical papers. It was full swing and the collaboration was concluded.”

Simen Teigen, DS Service Manager in Canon Norway, quickly became confident in the startup and since the collaboration began, the two players have already ensured that close to 100,000 physical documents have been scanned and put into the system.

“We are concerned that what we deliver to the customer must be structured, well thought out and work. There we became confident in Findable early on,” says Simen Teigen. “Having the documentation available, structured and searchable has a very real effect and value for the customer, points out Teigen. Together with Findable, we deliver a solution that stands the test of time.”

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