Ex-Stardoll Founders Target Their First Title To Women Gamers

Gamers compete over styling skills in World of Fashion Photo: Shutterstock

Appstar announces that the company targets its first title for women gamers. World of Fashion, the styling game, will be launched in Finland and New Zealand in March.

Ex-Stardoll founders’ goal is to combine a mobile game and fashion community on World of Fashion – where young women can test different clothes, express their unique style and get feedback from the community. Players embark on a journey to become the top celebrity stylist in New York, shop and dress their way to the most fashionable venues and meet celebrities to add to their unique clientele base.

The game combines elements from the popular dress up -genre alongside realistic art style, strong story elements and has emphasis on the social aspect.

“In World of Fashion players not only borrow from each other’s closets and complete challenges together, but can also follow other player’s in-game career and even connect outside of the game with Instagram and YouTube integrations. If you like somebody’s style you can check that player’s Instagram and YouTube streams and start following them without leaving the game,” describes Arto Aaltonen, the founder and CEO of Appstar.

Build a career as the most famous celebrity stylist through World of Fashion – and maybe you’ll get one of the Kardashians as your client? Photo: Appstar