Everplaces' New Features Flirt With Social Travel

    Everplaces has tacked on more social features, expanding the scope of the service since launching just in the middle of March. The company was founded to be somewhat of an Evernote for places, making it easy to save and store that restaurant that you saw, or remember that great place for a picnic. The service was great for bookmarking places, but a new social layer adds another level of usefulness to the service.

    Rather than focus Everplaces on the nerdier folks among us, CEO Tine Thygesen told us in our podcast interview last week that they’re really focused on bringing their service to nearly every user with a smartphone or computer.

    Everplaces has been described as “Pinterest for for the real world,” so I imagine this closer social connection with friends will only aid the accessibility and growth of the service. Friends can be found through your Twitter or Facebook account.

    The social discovery aspects are only live on the web service right now, but the mobile app should get upgraded in the near future. Co-founder Tine Thygesen, says “our users have been crying out for social discovery, so we started with web because we could build that the fastest.”

    There’s a bunch of services in this area, but the mechanism of the social discovery brings to mind Tripbirds, a Swedish service launched just this spring. But this addition seems like a natural extension of the Everplaces platform.