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Friday, February 3, 2023

SHE Community

SHE Community was founded in 2014 by two enthusiastic women who wanted to do more for the current and coming generations. The first step? Focusing on the current situation and inspiring more women to become leaders and investors. That step led to SHE Conference on March 8th, 2015. Today the SHE Conference is the biggest gender equality conference in Europe. CEO Heidi Aven has since 2014 made SHE Community into an organization that also includes SHE Index, powered by EY – that measures the actual gender balances in several of Norway’s biggest companies. The Index was 2020 launched in Sweden, and together with EY, the SHE Community will make the Index global. SHE Community has several programs aimed at creating more equality and diversity. Among these are SHE Leads – a mentor program with some of the most prominent CEOs in Norway, and SHE Invest – a program aimed at teaching women how to invest. The Fall 2020 SHE Community launched SHE Insight, an online magazine dedicated to equality and diversity, and with an online community aimed at creating networks across borders.


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