NEST Copenhagen's Co-living Space for Entrepreneurs to open April 1

    It’s all happening. The NEST co-living space we first wrote about back in July is moving forward, and entrepreneurs in Copenhagen will have the opportunity to surround themselves with other likeminded people in a 20 room apartment building. They’ve finally settled on an address- Reventlowsgade 10, which is right next to Copenhagen’s main train station.

    They’re running on a tight schedule, so they’re accepting applications again until the 20th of December, giving you time afterwards to cancel your current apartment before they open doors April first.

    Previously the NEST team had their eyes on another location they thought was perfect, but a week before they were going to close the deal, the house was apparently bought out before they were able to sign anything.

    “It’s been a rollercoaster,” says Morten Krarup Kristensen, one of the co-founders of NEST and on the Startupbootcamp Copenhagen team. “We thought the [first] house was the pinnacle of the whole thing. We knew it would be hard to find something else, but we figured now we’ve gotten so much support from the community, we had to keep going.”

    Luckily they had Peter Skov-Buch onboard, a property investment manager and brother of Startupbootcamp’s Lars Buch, who did some digging and found the new place.

    They say this new address is no second rate choice, however. The owners of the first building they were looking at eventually came back saying the house was open again, but they liked the new building so much that they’re set on it.

    The apartments are currently being converted from offices to private apartments, and range from 10 to 26m2. Every apartment will have two entrances, two bathrooms and one big family kitchen. Additionally there will also be common rooms for hanging out with fellow NESTers, and two backyards, one for bikes and a garden for barbecue in the summer.

    This should be a entrepreneurship landmark in Copenhagen for some time to come. Kristensen and the other founders feel like with the right location and the right group of people they’ll be ready to build a permanent co-living situation, rather than just one apartment that dies after the initial person getting everyone together moves out. To also make sure things keep moving, they’ll be electing a board, and will be sure to organize parties and events to really build the community.

    Here’s the initial team:

    It sounds like an entrepreneur’s dream place to live, so apply right away on their website.