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Dreamdo Is An Online And Offline Platform For Dreamers

“Our mission is simple but ambitious. To help people dream and do, online and offline,” says Petri Vilén, CEO and co-founder of Dreamdo.

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A big part of accomplishing your dreams is finding the network and inspiration to support your ideas, which is what the Finland-based company is trying to accomplish through a newly launched online service. Dreams on Dreamdo can be as ambiguous or focused as users want, such as “Going to Svalbard,” “Being happy in Bhutan,” and “Driving to Nepal by car.” After starting a dream, you can keep track of its progress by posting photo or text updates.

Dreams are sorted by whether they are still in the dreaming stage, in the doing stage, or are already done.

“Users can create and share their dreams, collect material related to the dream, ask questions, help each other and post how they are doing the dream,” says Vilén. “We believe that actually the biggest motivation will be helping others. People seem to love it.”

Monetizing something as ethereal as a dream may prove to be difficult, but Dreamdo is quick to point out they’re working on proving their concept first. But some ideas they have are connecting people with dreams about products or specific experiences, or a few other ideas like Sponsored dreams for advertising, and targeted offers. Dreamdo also works with companies to help their employees realize their dreams, for example creating charity projects and so on.

Dreamdo is taking a fairly offline strategy as well, which seems like a good plan for getting their concept out to people outside the internet bubble. DreamDo is running an event at Akateeminen bookstore in Helsinki today, and has planned two more events in Shanghai and Reykjavik. In their events they hope to bring people together to talk about their dreams and listen to inspiring stories. The company doesn’t want to be the only ones running the show, however. Dreamdo has also created event formats that allow anyone to host their own events.

Dreamdo has also produced paper products that they are testing at the Akateeminen bookstore. Their products inculde journals, mini notebooks, and cards are designed to help people record and develop the things they’ve dreamed about and done in life. At first I considered this a distraction from their web service, but in all likelihood these products are going to be given as gifts, which may bring more people into their network.

Access to the service can be done by requesting an invite on Dream.do

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