Building A Dream Team For Your Startup

Are you looking to build a brand new problem-solving engine? We asked a good bunch of Nordic founders at Arctic15 who your first hire should be to guarantee your startups a long-term success.

So you in a phase of building a tech company that looks to develop a software product. As an example, in this case, let’s imagine that you are building a software that optimizes routes and logistics. The first thing you need is…

Back-end Developer

To start building the backend system software for optimizing the routes and logistics you will need a backend developer. You should have a clear understanding of the actual problem you are looking to solve and be able to explain the desired outcome of how your solution is going to work. A good backend developer will be able to identify the process and find the best way to technically implement it.

Front-end Developer

So together with your backend developer you’ve built the backbone of your product and have a working prototype. Now you need someone to turn it into something that
the potential users can touch and interact with. This is where the front-end developer comes into play. Bringing in a UX/UI strategy specialist at this point is extremely valuable for ensuring that your product will serve your users well.


You are right, an investor isn’t exactly a hire, but most definitely he or she will be a really important part of your team. In the Nordics, you have a lot of smart investors, and you can meet them at various startup events in your area. A good investor should be someone who is familiar with your field (in this case, logistics) and is willing to actively contribute to your company growth and development.

Inbound Marketer

Okay, so you’ve got your MVP, seed investment for further development and first users. It’s time to start scaling your product and let more people know about your product. At this stage, you will need to hire people that have a solid understanding of creating growth in the early stage. Marketers with great hands-on expertise and knowledge of digital marketing tools are not easy to recruit. Yet, they are the ones who will be able to build sales and marketing funnels focusing on inbound sales straight from the start.

Sales Manager

Next stop, sales. From very early on you will need people that actually push your product out there to bring new customers in. It might be hard to find a good salesperson, so be prepared that in the beginning, this will most likely land on your shoulders.

Customer Success Manager

Last but not least, any business needs a customer success management and strategy to keep your acquired customers happy. In today’s world, where companies have to fight for their customers’ attention, the only way to win is to put your customers’ satisfaction on top of everything else.

The Verdict

If there is one thing that your competitors can’t copy, that is your human capital. It is your biggest differentiation and your number one competitive advantage. As an early stage startup, you are facing a number of risks. Your team is your only way to make sure the company will have a chance to succeed. I can’t think of one single risk that is more dangerous than hiring the wrong people. You can change algorithms, fix bugs, pivot the business and still succeed, given that you have the best team on board. Take proactive measures, make sure they are a good fit for you, both professionally and mentally, and may the odds be forever in your favor.

by Anttoni Aniebonam